3 Important Hacks to Making a Successful and Lump-free Pap

As Nigerian, most of us enjoy pap, since is one of our local meals and to an extent, has an effective result in our  system; but all the same, majority of Nigerians can't prepare it to their taste. I hope this post is helpful 😊😊😊...                               Boiling Water:    This can be done either before or after mixing, its depends on you and how you want to do it... Its Choice!                                                              Mixing:  Before the preparation of any pap, it has to be well mixed. This is done by adding little quantity of water(depending on the quantity of the pap), mix it till no lump is left in it. The lack of lump will help the pap to be smooth.   Making:  When making the pap, you should endeavour to stir continually and make sure it is well mixed, this is done while pouring the hot water into it at the same time. Keep stiring, to your desired texture. For a thicker one, you should be concious so as to Pour in too much hot water.              

Female Upbringing

               IF ALL GIRLS...                                                                                                                                        IF ALL GIRLS were taught how to be brave and stand up for themselves instead of being wimps and feeling cheated, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL AND STRESS-FREE WORLD WE WOULD LIVE IN ...                                                                                  ....IF ALL GIRLS were lovers of Jesus, knew the word deeply, lived a loving life, BIGGER, BEAUTIFUL THINGS WOULD SURROUND US ALL..                                                                          ...IF ALL GIRLS had goals, dreams/ambitions and put in efforts to bring them to reality, GUYS WOULDN'T HAVE TO ATTRACT THEM WITH MONEY                                                                                   ...IF ALL GIRLS were taught from childhood to know how priceless their worth is, THERE WOULD BE NO SUCH THING AS FEMINSM...                            

NIGERIAN mothers

SHE asks you to go put on your shoes and come join her, claiming to wait for you to go do so.... But on your return she is no where to be found 😆😆  NIGEIAN MOTHERS                                                                                                                                           SHE  disagrees to the fact that you have done anything good enough before, she is always finding faults and complaining in every opportunity she gets😜😜   NIGERIAN MOTHERS                   YOU  do everything to make the meal a success, all she does is pick already prepared and seasoned items and pot inside the pot YET she takes all the credits for making the meal 😂😂 NIGERIAN MOTHERS                                                                                                                      SHE claims that as a female child, you have to be obedient, and hardworking so as to have a comfortable future and avoid your future husband from bringing you all the way back to her, claim